12. User Settings

If you’re logged into the BEAT platform, at the top bar on your window, by the side of the omni-search text box, you’ll find a button with a wrench symbol (it says Settings when you hover on it). If you click on this button, you will be taken to your user settings page. This page allows you to disable/enable e-mail notifications, change your password and have access to your API token.

12.1. Notifications

This panel controls different e-mail notifications you may receive from the platform. Explanations are given for each entry. Unclick to disable notifications for that particular group of actions.

12.2. Modify password

This panel allows you to modify your login password. You must type the old password first and then, twice, the new password. Clicking the button Modify effectively changes the password.

12.3. Show/Modify token

This is a panel with two buttons. The green button which says Show, makes a pop-up window appear showing your current API token. You may use this token (64-byte character string) in outside programs that communicate with the platform programmatically. For example, our command-line interface requires a token to be able to pull/push contributions for the user (see the “Configuration” section of “beat.cmdline” in BEAT documentation.

If your token is compromised, you may change it by clicking on the Modify button. A pop-up window will appear confirming the modification. You may cancel the action (i.e., the token won’t change), or click on Continue, which will effectively change the token associated with your account. To display the new token, click on the Show button once more.