Installation Instructions

The BEAT framework is distributed as conda packages for Linux and MacOS.

  1. Install conda (miniconda is preferred) and get familiar with it.

  2. Make sure you have an up-to-date conda installation (conda 4.4 and above is needed) with the correct configuration by running the commands below:

    $ conda update -n base conda
    $ conda config --set show_channel_urls True
  3. Create an environment for BEAT:

    $ conda create --name beat \
      --override-channels \
      -c \
      -c defaults \
      python=3 beat.editor
    $ conda activate beat
    $ conda config --env --add channels defaults
    $ conda config --env --add channels
  4. Install other packages that you may need in this environment if you’re running local tests. For example:

$ conda install tensorflow opencv ...
  1. The commands, beat and beat editor serve, should be available.


Repeat the last three steps for every conda environment that you create including BEAT components.