4. Attestations

Attestations provide a confirmation that the results were obtained on the platform servers. An attestation locks an experiment and makes it unmutable (cannot be changed anymore).

You can use the attestations tab to see a list of published or your own attestations:


4.1. Creating a new attestation

We can create a new attestation by clicking on the “Request an attestation” button on any of our own experiments:


4.2. Information on an attestation

When clicking on one of the listed attestations, either on your own on the attestation tab or on the “View attestation” button on a public experiment, a summary of the results (error rates, performance curves, etc.) is displayed:


If there are ROC curves, different formats can be chosen, such as the DET curve fulfilling the ISO/IEC 19795-1:2006 standard:


Finally, below the results table, the complete toolchain is shown:


As it may be observed, if the attestation has not yet been unlocked, we can do so by clicking on the “Unlock the attestation” button. A gentle remainder to do it once the corresponding article has been published is included.