Speech & Audio Processing

Speech processing has been one of the mainstays of Idiap’s research portfolio for many years. Today it is still the largest group within the institute, and Idiap continues to be recognised as a leading proponent in the field.

The expertise of the group encompasses statistical automatic speech recognitionbased on hidden Markov models, or hybrid systems exploiting connectionist approaches, text-to-speech, and generic audio processing, covering sound source localization, microphone arrays, speaker diarization, audio indexing, very low bit-rate speech coding, and perceptual background noise analysis for telecommunication systems.

Group News

Revisiting autoencoders for speech representation learning
research — last modified Jul 16, 2021

“The deep artificial neural networks are inspired from the hierarchical structure of the human brain. Therefore, questioning the neural networks to learn robust, generalizable representations (abstractions) just like the human brain is not absurd, but challenging. However, revisiting fundamentals can be helpful.”

Prof. Hervé Bourlard to receive the Prestigious IEEE 2022 James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award
research — last modified Jul 07, 2021

Director of the Idiap Research Institute and Professor at EPFL, Hervé Bourlard is recognized for his major contributions to neural networks for statistical speech recognition. This distinction is awarded to him jointly with his colleague and long-time friend, Prof. Nelson Morgan of the International Computer Science Institute, and the University of California at Berkeley.

Group Job Openings

Several Openings for Cross-Disciplinary Senior Researcher positions by admin — last modified Mar 01, 2021
With the growth of the institute, in addition to increased Federal funding to further support its activities, Idiap is opening several additional permanent senior research scientist positions.
Internship position in domain of automatic speech recognition by admin — last modified Jul 10, 2020
The position will be aligned with an European project on automatic speech recognition of air-traffic communication through SESAR Joint Undertaking exploratory research
Postdoc positions in automatic speech recognition by admin — last modified Jul 10, 2020
The Idiap Research Institute seeks qualified candidates for several postdoctoral positions in the field of Deep Learning applied for acoustic, and/or language modeling in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

Current Group Members

The group is leaded by Hervé Bourlard.

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  • ABROL, Vinayak
  • AJMERA, Jitendra
  • ANTONELLO, Niccolò
  • ARADILLA ZAPATA, Guillermo
  • ATHINEOS, Marios
  • BABY, Deepak
  • BARBER, David
  • BENZEGHIBA, Mohamed (Faouzi)
  • CANDY, Romain
  • CEREKOVIC, Aleksandra
  • CEVHER, Volkan
  • CHAVARRIAGA, Ricardo
  • COLLADO, Thierry
  • CRITTIN, Frank
  • DEY, Subhadeep
  • DIGHE, Pranay
  • DINES, John
  • DRYGAJLO, Andrzej
  • DUFFNER, Stefan
  • GALAN MOLES, Ferran
  • GOMEZ ALANIS, Alejandro
  • GRANGIER, David
  • HAGEN, Astrid
  • HALPERN, Bence
  • HERMANSKY, Hynek
  • HONNET, Pierre-Edouard
  • IKBAL, Shajith
  • IMSENG, David
  • IVANOVA, Maria
  • JAIMES, Alejandro (Alex)
  • KETABDAR, Hamed
  • KHONGLAH, Banriskhem (Kayang)
  • KODRASI, Ina
  • LATHOUD, Guillaume
  • LAZARIDIS, Alexandros
  • LI, Weifeng
  • LOUPI, Dimitra
  • MARIÉTHOZ, Johnny
  • MARTINS, Renato
  • MASSON, Olivier
  • MBANGA NDJOCK, Pierre (Armel)
  • MCCOWAN, Iain
  • MENDOZA, Viviana
  • MILLÁN, José del R.
  • MILLIUS, Loris
  • MOORE, Darren
  • MORRIS, Andrew
  • MOULIN, François
  • MUCKENHIRN, Hannah
  • NALLANTHIGHAL, Venkata Srikanth
  • NATUREL, Xavier
  • PARTHASARATHI, Sree Hari Krishnan
  • PINTO, Francisco
  • POTARD, Blaise
  • RAZAVI, Marzieh
  • SAMUI, Suman
  • SHAKAS, Alexis
  • SHANKAR, Ravi
  • SHARMA, Shivam
  • STERPU, George
  • SZASZAK, György
  • TONG, Sibo
  • TYAGI, Vivek
  • ULLMANN, Raphael
  • VALENTE, Fabio
  • VASQUEZ-CORREA, Juan Camilo
  • VITEK, Radovan
  • WANG, Lei
  • WELLNER, Pierre
  • ZHAN, Qingran

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