Speech & Audio Processing

Speech processing has been one of the mainstays of Idiap’s research portfolio for many years. Today it is still the largest group within the institute, and Idiap continues to be recognised as a leading proponent in the field.

The expertise of the group encompasses statistical automatic speech recognitionbased on hidden Markov models, or hybrid systems exploiting connectionist approaches, text-to-speech, and generic audio processing, covering sound source localization, microphone arrays, speaker diarization, audio indexing, very low bit-rate speech coding, and perceptual background noise analysis for telecommunication systems.

Group News

How applied research impacted his scientific career
institute — Feb 24, 2022

Arriving in 2019 for a sabbatical year from the University of Mexico, Esaú Villatoro has now been working at Idiap for more than two years. Between publishing his work and adapting to Swiss life, he looks back on his experience at the institute.

Idiap is looking for its next director
institute — Jan 14, 2022

Idiap Research Institute and the School of Engineering at EPFL invite applications for the directorship of Idiap. The successful candidate will also hold a faculty position as full professor at EPFL School of Engineering.

Idiap awards 2021
institute — Dec 21, 2021

The Institute nominates every year two students for its internal awards. In 2021, the Best Paper Award goes to Suhan Shetty, and the Best Student Award goes to Parvaneh Janbakhshi. Congratulations!

Over 12 millions Swiss francs for more inclusive ICT
tech — Nov 03, 2021

Access to information is a challenge for disabled people, even at a time when communications channels are increasing. An international consortium gathering researchers, as well as private and public partners, under the leadership of the University of Zurich and including Idiap and Icare from the French speaking side of Switzerland was granted 6 million Swiss francs from Innosuisse—completed by 6 million from private partners—to take up this challenge.

Group Job Openings

Our group is regularly posting job openings ranging from internships to researcher positions. To check the opportunities currently available or to submit a speculative applications use the link below.Our group is regularly posting job openings ranging from internships to researcher positions. To check the opportunities currently available or to submit a speculative applications use the link below.

Current Group Members

The group is led by Hervé Bourlard.

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  • ABROL, Vinayak
  • AJMERA, Jitendra
  • ANTONELLO, Niccolò
  • ARADILLA ZAPATA, Guillermo
  • ATHINEOS, Marios
  • BABY, Deepak
  • BARBER, David
  • BENZEGHIBA, Mohamed (Faouzi)
  • CANDY, Romain
  • CEREKOVIC, Aleksandra
  • CEVHER, Volkan
  • CHAVARRIAGA, Ricardo
  • COLLADO, Thierry
  • CRITTIN, Frank
  • DEY, Subhadeep
  • DIGHE, Pranay
  • DINES, John
  • DRYGAJLO, Andrzej
  • DUFFNER, Stefan
  • FABIEN, Maël
  • GALAN MOLES, Ferran
  • GOMEZ ALANIS, Alejandro
  • GRANGIER, David
  • HAGEN, Astrid
  • HALPERN, Bence
  • HE, Weipeng
  • HERMANSKY, Hynek
  • HONNET, Pierre-Edouard
  • IKBAL, Shajith
  • IMSENG, David
  • IVANOVA, Maria
  • JAIMES, Alejandro (Alex)
  • KETABDAR, Hamed
  • KHONGLAH, Banriskhem (Kayang)
  • KODRASI, Ina
  • LATHOUD, Guillaume
  • LAZARIDIS, Alexandros
  • LI, Weifeng
  • LINKE, Julian
  • LOUPI, Dimitra
  • MARIÉTHOZ, Johnny
  • MARTINS, Renato
  • MASSON, Olivier
  • MBANGA NDJOCK, Pierre (Armel)
  • MCCOWAN, Iain
  • MENDOZA, Viviana
  • MILLÁN, José del R.
  • MILLIUS, Loris
  • MOORE, Darren
  • MORRIS, Andrew
  • MOULIN, François
  • MUCKENHIRN, Hannah
  • NALLANTHIGHAL, Venkata Srikanth
  • NATUREL, Xavier
  • PARIDA, Shantipriya
  • PARTHASARATHI, Sree Hari Krishnan
  • PINTO, Francisco
  • POTARD, Blaise
  • RAZAVI, Marzieh
  • SAMUI, Suman
  • SHAKAS, Alexis
  • SHANKAR, Ravi
  • SHARMA, Shivam
  • STERPU, George
  • SZASZAK, György
  • TONG, Sibo
  • TYAGI, Vivek
  • ULLMANN, Raphael
  • VALENTE, Fabio
  • VASQUEZ-CORREA, Juan Camilo
  • VITEK, Radovan
  • WANG, Lei
  • WELLNER, Pierre
  • ZHAN, Qingran

Active Research Grants

Past Research Grants