Part of Idiap's ecosystem, IdeArk is a platform which brings together the institute with other academic and economic partners. IdeArk's aim is to transform ideas into industrial applications using promising new technologies, particularly those originating from Idiap. IdeArk encourages the creation of start-ups and facilitates the development of business opportunities

IdeArk specializes in multimodal interactions and management of multimedia information. It offers three types of services:

  • New technology acceleration to prepare them for commercial exploitation, to guide them towards a marketable application. IdeArk also deals with the process of taking out patents, where necessary. The Ark’s Accelerator promotes and supports the design of new products and services. It identifies and selects promising new technologies, facilitates their development and also develops the basis for enterprise creation. It builds bridges between science and the marketplace, between universities and the business world.
  • Start-up incubation to support new companies and increase their chances of success to become part of the business landscape. The Incubator provides entrepreneurs with practical, appropriate support, to maximize their chances of success. It offers them professional mentoring and appropriate facilities, enabling them to improve their business plan and gather the necessary resources to accelerate their growth.
  • Innovation support to proactively consolidate business positioning and develop potential new opportunities.

IdeArk facilities are located nearby Idiap, in Martigny.


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