Idiap's Research Centers bring together the expertise of multiple principal investigators and associated research infrastructure to consolidate a critical mass and density of expertise in key areas of research and development, enabling the delivery of impactful outcomes and attracting collaborators from industry, higher education institutions, and other potential partners.

Center for Biometrics Research and Testing

The center provides expert biometric security evaluation and testing services to industry, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

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Center for AI Certification


The center conducts fundamental research in data lineage, fairness, interpretability, and robustness of AI models.

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Center for Assistive Robotics

The center focuses on the development of robots that can rapidly acquire new skills through minimal demonstrations and interactions.

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Center for Participatory AI

The center prioritizes societal impact and sustainability, embracing an open collaboration model based on co-design, open data and software, and actively engaging with the public.

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