Numerous startups and SMEs are using Idiap’s technologies or were even created to develop a business model centred on these technologies. The institute is proud to contribute actively to this rich ecosystem that creates values for the economy.


IdeArk specializes in multi-modal interactions and management of multimedia information to transform ideas into commercial development of promising new technologies, particularly those originating from Idiap.


Klewel offers recording and webcasting services, including an advanced content indexation solution to facilitate video, audio, and text content retrieval.


KeyLemon are pioneers in biometric authentication solutions for devices via 2D and 3D face recognition.


Moka Studio specializes in special effects, 3D character animation and motion capture for film, television and advertising.


AudioSearch's technology uses automatic keyword detection to index and retrieve phone conversation recorded on mobile phone or voice IP.


Navitas Consilium advises, supports and assists public and private sector bodies in the rational use and supply of energy.

Recapp IT develops speech recognition technology and specializes in all Swiss languages and dialects. The project started during the ICC.

Eyeware's solutions use eye tracking information in real-world interactions, by capturing user attention, intention, and interest. It allows to increase human-machine engagement thanks to computer vision algorithms.



3D2cut aims to develop, produce and market assistance systems and methods based on artificial intelligence technologies for plant pruning.


Amiscan develops software to search for fibers in images, using artificial intelligence to confirm whether they are asbestos fibers.


kaemco provides scientific simulation tools for consulting in the fields of energy and urban planning, with the aim of building a low-carbon, sustainable future.


Biped is a mobility aid for people suffering from visual or spatial impairment, or hearing loss, as well as for wheelchair users. The project started during the ICC. makes electric bikes smarter by providing personalized predictions related to journeys, battery status and bike autonomy.


Med4Cast is an artificial intelligence-based diagnostic solution for specific medical fields, starting with orthopedics.


HealthMe aims to transcribe medical consultations, facilitating patient-caregiver communication thanks to artificial intelligence.


Typeless is a voice recognition and note-taking tool for creating compliant medical reports. Bridge project.


Former companies

  • Koemei offered a cloud voice recognition software package, enabling verbal input to be transcribed automatically to text. It was acquired by Crealogix in 2017.
  • Aicue developed tools and a platform for synchronizing videos from various sources, with the soundtrack as a reference.
  • DigitArena technology processes video streams in real time, including replacing advertisement in the stream.
  • VimaLink solutions help to understand people traits and behavior with a level of accuracy never achieved before, combining behavioral science with advanced technologies, helping for instance to boost self-awareness and identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Biowatch band replaced traditional badges, cards, keys, passwords, PIN codes and biometrics. Worn on the wrist of the user, biowatch band provides secure and seamless authentication to devices, services and premises.
  • Luma7 developed a contextual search tool based on mind maps. The project started during the ICC.