Thanks to the support of our dedicated R&D engineers team, we are able to showcase numerous scientific demos. Hereafter is a selection of this know-how:


Vine grape pruning with 3D2cut


Personalized Meshes for Brace Generation with the HEIA-FR


Pepper demo - visual, audio, and non-verbal perception


EnerMaps Open Data Management tool

This tool aims to improve data management and accessibility in the field of energy research for the energy industry and regulators. EnerMaps’ tool accelerates and facilitates the energy transition offering a qualitative and user-friendly digital platform to the energy professionals.



Mobile data for local causes

The dedicated Civique platform is made by people: requesters and contributors who create and participate in challenges. Challenges are mobile data collection initiatives that inform local civic causes. Photos, opinions, locations can all be gathered. Requesters are cities and organizations that create challenges on topics that matter to citizens and communities. Civique helps them document their cause, make sense of their data, and engage with people. Contributors join challenges via a mobile app, documenting issues, creating content, answering questions, and taking actions.



The BEAT Platform

The BEAT platform is a European computing e-infrastructure for Open Science proposing a solution for open access, scientific information sharing and re-use including data and source code while protecting privacy and confidentiality. It allows easy online access to experimentation and testing in computational science. You define what data and modules you would like to use, we make sure the system runs and provides you with a result. Data from different experiments can be easily compared and searched. The platform also provides an attestation mechanism for your reports (scientific papers, technical documents or certifications).



Robotics codes from scratch (RCFS)

RCFS is a website with interactive examples, as well as a collection of source codes to study learning and optimization techniques in robotics. It can be used to study and test learning and optimization techniques in robotics through simple 2D examples.