Augmented Multi-party Interaction with Distance Access

Technologies for remote group collaboration are in common use, and improving all the time. However, current video and telephone conferencing technology is an impoverished medium of communication compared with face-to-face meetings. The AMIDA project builds on the AMI project (IST FP6-506811, to design and implement technologies that recognize and overcome the communication difficulties that groups face. Our vision is of a remote meeting assistant that can understand what is happening well enough to tell someone when topics of interest come up, brief them on what has happened so far, and help them cope with poor connections. AMIDA has four overall objectives: 1. To enable meetings to have better outcomes. 2. To support collaboration during team meetings. 3. To enable more efficient remote meetings and more efficient series of meetings of the same group. 4. To determine how well technology improves access to audit information, such as the decisions made in previous meetings.
Information Interfaces and Presentation, Machine Learning, Perceptive and Cognitive Systems
University of Edinburgh
ICT Center, German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Idiap Research Institute, Noldus Information Technology BV, Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek, Munich University of Technology, THE UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD, Universiteit Twente, Brno University of Technology
Sixth Framework Programme
Oct 01, 2006
Dec 31, 2009