A big-data analyTics from base-stations Registrations And Cdrs e-evidence sYstem

The search for leads and evidence, including lawful access to communications data, is the cornerstone of law enforcement investigations and prosecutions, bringing criminals to justice. Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) reported that non-content data (metadata) provided by Electronic communications Service Providers (ESPs), play a determinative role in an investigation or for the prosecution of cases of organized crime and terrorism. The proposed TRACY solution in an open-source platform with main objective: to uptake an AI-based system, by running large scale pilots on LEA’s premises, using telecommunications metadata in an fully operational environment, in full respect of fundamental rights and personal data protection. For greater impact, the solution shall be validated by additional LEAs within the project, with the aim to be permanently used after its completion. LEAs personnel shall be trained on project outcomes, which shall be made available to CEPOL. TRACY will also provide a realistic anonymized dataset and share it with EU LEA community, including Europol. The main development and coordination is carried out by an SME, whereas a specialized law firm (also SME) focuses on related fundamental right challenges. A university specialized in police training coordinates the training process, whereas a leading AI research institute assures the scientific quality of the solution. An ESP is responsible to create pseudo operational data (anonymized datasets). The main pilot shall be executed by a highly experienced LEA with the support of a well renown research institute. Additional LEAs for the validation of the solution close the consortium partners. To measure the overall quality of the project a set of KPIs has been defined within the deliverables of each task/work package, meeting the requirements of the action.
PERFORMANCE Technologies S.A.
Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications S.A, Hellenic Police, Idiap Research Institute, Greek Center for Security Studies, General Police Inspectorate of the Republic of Moldova, Galati County Police Inspectorate, Time Lex CVBA
Horizon Europe - European Commission
Jun 01, 2023
May 31, 2025