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Research Partners

The AMI Consortium is comprised of research institutes, universities and businesses. The consortium partners collaborate on research projects and integrate their results into demonstrations and deliverables.

Partners contribute special areas of expertise. Learn more about AMI, by browsing this page and the associated web sites of consortium partners.

Non-Profit Research Institutes


Idiap Research Institute, CH
Idiap at a glance
AMI Scientific Coordinator
Prof. Hervé Bourlard
Areas of expertise: speech processing, computer vision, machine learning, multimodal interaction, smart meeting room, handwriting recognition, multimodal indexing.


German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), DE
Prof.WolfgangWahlster and Dr. Tilman Becker
Areas of expertise: Intelligent visualisation and simulation systems, language technology, intelligent user interfaces.


International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), Berkeley/CA
Prof. Nelson Morgan, USA
Areas of expertise: language and dialogue modelling, spoken language processing, speaker modelling, smart meeting room.

Logo TNO

Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), NL
Prof. Wessel Kraaij, Prof. David van Leeuwen, Dr. Wilfried Post, NL
Areas of expertise: multimodal summarisation, information retrieval, natural language processing, computer vision, human factors, HCI, audio analysis, user-centred design, usability testing, group decision making, computer supported collaborative work.

CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia
Dr David Hansen
Areas of expertise: content analysis of medical multimedia, technological support for clinical teams, sensor signal processing for patient monitoring.

Academic Partners

University of Edinburgh (UEDIN), UK
AMI Administrative Coordinator
Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems,
Prof. Johanna Moore, Prof. Steve Renals and Dr. Jean Carletta
Areas of expertise: dialogue understanding, cognitive engineering, multimodal annotation


Sheffield University (USFD), UK
AMI Training Coordinator
(1) Computer Science Department, Speech and Hearing Research Group,
Prof. Phil Green;

(2) Department of Information Studies, Prof. Steve Whittaker
Areas of expertise: speech processing, computational scene analysis, dialogue modelling, machine learning, noisy text indexing and summarisation; HCI

Logo Brno

Brno University of Technology (BUT), Czech Republic
Institute of Computer Graphics and Multimedia,
Prof. Hynek Hermansky
Areas of expertise: speech coding, speech recognition, speaker recognition, machine vision.

Logo TUM

Technische Universität München (TUM), DE
IInstitute for Human-Machine Communication,
Prof. Gerhard Rigoll
Areas of expertise: multimodal man-machine communication, language engineering, computer vision, gesture recognition.

Logo Twente

University of Twente (UT), NL
(Parlevink language engineering group,
Prof. Franciska de Jong and Prof. Anton Nijholt
Areas of expertise: multimodal interaction, multimedia retrieval, virtual reality, agent technology.

Industrial Partners

Logo Philips Consumer Electronics

Philips Consumer Electronics BV, NL
Mr. Kees Tuinenbreijer
Area of expertise: interactive services and applications on the move.

Lucas Noldus
Noldus software and services for research enhances the quality of scientific data, increases productivity, and makes optimal use of human or animal resources
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