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AMI Consortium Logo

The AMI Consortium logo used in all print and electronic publications has the word "Consortium" appearing under the letters "AMI" and yellow stars in the banner above the block letters.

Permission to use the AMI Consortium logo is granted to all AMI Consortium partners, all AMI Community of Interest members, the agents and agencies of the European Commission, any collaborating partner of the AMI or AMIDA project, organizers of events where the AMI Consortium is represented or sponsoring activities, and any organization which is promoting or advancing the AMI vision in its professional communications. 

To download the logo which is most appropriate for your application, review and choose from the different options available on this page.

The AMI Consortium logo may not be modified in any way without prior written permission.

Electronic Uses

For PowerPoint presentations, on web pages or in e-mail, please select either the logo with white background or transparent background.

AMI Consortium logo on white (107 Kb)

AMI Consortium logo on transparent (36 Kb)

Print Uses

For printing on personal printers, use

AMI Consortium logo 300 dpi RGB (574 Kb)

For professional (offset) printing, use

AMI Consortium logo 300 dpi CMYK (1 Mb)

Other formats

The AMI Consortium logo is also available as an EPS and a PDF. In both cases, these files contain all information for RGB + CMYK + PANTONE, coated & uncoated papers.

AMI Consortium logo EPS (1.7 Mb)

AMI Consortium logo PDF (4.5 Mb)

Color composition for AMI Consortium logo

In order to correctly match the logo when printing on high resolution or offset, on coated or uncoated papers, please use the colors provided in this table.

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