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The AMI Consortium is dedicated to conducting research and development of technology that

  • augments verbal and non-verbal communication between individuals and groups of people
  • reduces barriers to communication and comprehension between remote participants in a meeting
  • makes it possible for corporations to include the multi-modal meeting recordingsĀ  in knowledge repositories, thereby enabling a variety of services between meetings.
To improve human-to-human communications partners in the AMI project conduct research using:
  • advanced signal processing,
  • machine learning models and
  • social interaction dynamics.

Convert research to business value

The research is leading to the preparation of technologies which will be included in commercial solutions of the future. Solutions with embedded AMI technologies will:

  • enhance the experience of meetings
  • enrich corporate knowledge management systems
  • permit people to extract value from past meetings by way of accessing searchable and intelligent meeting archives between and during meetings.

The AMI Consortium does not sell research or technologies directly to end user organizations.

Target customers are:

  • developers of meeting support and recording products, knowledge management solutions and enterprise resource planning systems, and
  • integrators and providers of the above solutions who seek to differentiate themselves by introducing new and innovative technologies.
Vendors work with the AMI Consortium to add significant value to business offerings without delaying their time to market.

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