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Business Benefits of AMI


Businesses using AM technology will improve employee productivity and increase their ability to integrate meetings into their knowledge-base.


The outcomes of this research program will profoundly enhance the “experience of meetings” in the years ahead.

Business meetings in which participants have access to AMI-based solutions will be more efficient.

The AMI-technology assisted meetings will increase productivity of employees by:

  • Reducing time spent in meetings, especially time wasted during meetings,
  • Involving only people at the time they are needed,
  • Allowing people in meetings to understand the context of participants and background for decisions,
  • helping people to focus on agenda items known to be relevant to the business or project, and
  • producing rich, intelligent and interactive “knowledge archives” in which actions, words, gestures and related content introduced during a meeting can be synthesized (compressed), browsed, searched/found or traced to individuals or groups.

The impact will be felt by people before, during and after meetings.


An AMI-generated visual representation of the flow of a meeting will help participants understand when their input can have the greatest value. See our demonstration on meeting browsing and on meeting argumentation.

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We can make sure that those people represented in meetings are getting “the complete” message from participants (those directly involved and those peripherally concerned). Key word spotting, gesture and emotion detection are three examples of this type of enhancement.

We can enhance the use of presence and detection of subconscious and culturally sensitive “emotional” cues and content of meeting and participants. Focus of Attention, is an example of this enhancement.

As part of the AMI project we are actively studying new methods to measure the impact of these new technologies on participant productivity in business. One of the ways we can quantify the positive impact of AMI technology is by asking people who are unfamiliar with a meeting to find relevant information within an archive. We provide some study participants with the AMI technologies and others must search in the meeting archive without support.

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