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Knowledge Management

business benefits02Currently we each have a handwritten memo with notes of a meeting. In fact, rarely do meetings have tangible results. More often than not, you are lucky if you can extract meeting notes (minutes) from one participant. And the notes each participant produces are only the perspective of a single person in that meeting. When you look back at this in one year or 5 years, it will be very difficult to decipher what happened, who said what and what the key points were.

By having technologies which process the speech (audio), gestures, movement and express (video) and text or graphics introduced (data) in a meeting, new information can be obtained, existing information/knowledge can be more easily retrieved (by participants and those who were not present) and people can advance the objectives of their companies more quickly.

business benefits03In the future, meeting recordings will be part of the corporate knowledge assets and will be organized, managed and mined just as data and text are today.

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