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Our Vision

Most people wish there were fewer meetings overall and that the meetings they have could be more productive.

We believe that for employee productivity to be raised (during and between meetings) by another significant level, two changes are necessary. There will be:

  • changes in technologies and
  • changes in business processes for people to take advantage of their new tools.

Changes will be pervasive

There will come a time when every business meeting, and many of our private conversations, will be enhanced with technology such as that under development by the AMI Consortium.

Every group of people who gather to exchange information, to persuade or to collaborate will be supported, annotated and enhanced with high power, media processing computers and communications systems.

Read about the Future of Meetings.

Begin with basics

The AMI Consortium is working on many basic technologies that will automatically “augment” the meeting experience. To learn more about the building blocks, visit the Technology Showcase.
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