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Despite the advent of multimedia communications tools which make it easier to share our ideas with the world in visual and interactive media, text remains the most important vehicle for communication of concepts, results and recommendations when people are dispersed both geographically and temporally.

Publications by and about AMI

The AMI Consortium prepares articles and white papers to share our vision and the results of research.

The project's vision for the future research is explained in a white paper prepared by the co-directors, Herve Bourlard and Steve Renals.

Download AMI overview and prospects for future research pict2

Our new white paper about the applications of AMI technologies describes the many ways that the experience of meetings will be improved and businesses may benefit from the use of AMI in and between routine project meetings.

Download The Future of Business Meetings: Applications of AMI Technologies

AMI Scientific Publications

AMI partner scientists publish their findings in articles appearing in the proceedings of conferences and in peer-reviewed scientific journals. You may browse or search the AMI Scientific Publications database by going to the dedicated publications portal.

Our State of the Art white papers provide an in-depth tutorial on four fields:

Third Party Publications

We also monitor the publications of others in many related fields in order to maintain our understanding on the state of the art of human-to-human communications.

Return to this page in the future to find links to newsletters, magazines, conference proceedings, books and other resources which are of interest to the field of technology in business meetings.

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