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Tue, Sep. 27, 2016 - 11H00
Deep Learning for Speech Processing: An NST Perspective
Prof. Mark Gales from Cambridge University

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Idiap Research Institute

Research News
Best Multimodal Paper Award to Nikolaos Pappas and co-authors at ICMR 2016 Jun 10, 2016
The paper "Multilingual Visual Sentiment Concept Matching" by Nikolaos Pappas, Mercan Topkara, Miriam Redi, Brendan Jou, Tao Chen, Hongyi Liu, Shih-Fu Chang has received the Best Multimodal Paper Award at the Annual ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR), held on June 6-9 in New York.
Biometrics and Cybersecurity: The Idiap Research Institute as a Key Player May 19, 2016
For many years, the Idiap Research Institute has actively participated in numerous national and international research projects in the field of biometric cybersecurity and received total funding amounts of several tens of millions of Swiss francs.
The security of sensitive information: Prof. Hervé Bourlard interviewed for RTS’ radio show “CQFD” May 11, 2016
How is it possible for people with bad intentions to get access to data from our smartphone or our GPS?
Two Idiap spin-off in the Swiss Top 100 ! Jun 10, 2016
Two Idiap spin-off, Biowatch and Recapp, sponsored by The Ark Foundation, are part of Top 100 best Swiss start-ups 2015. The Valais is the 4th most prolific Swiss canton. Great success for these entrepreneurs.
Biowatch, Idiap spin-off, recommended by Bilan as a start-up in which to invest Jun 07, 2016
Launched during the International Create Challenge 2014 by Matthias Vanoni, biometrics expert, Biowatch proposes an authentication solution for wearables, such as smartwatches.
Recapp, Idiap spin-off and winner of the ICC’2013, provides software capable of transcribing meetings Jun 01, 2016
Recapp’s software, already used by the Valaisan Parliament, has now its first application case on the communal level. The “General Council” of the Collombey-Muraz municipality now uses the software in order to transcribe its meetings.
Dr Afsaneh Asaei recognized as an IEEE Senior Member Jul 14, 2016
Idiap congratulates Afsaneh Asaei for having been elevated to the IEEE senior member grade.
Ivana Chingovska received the PhD degree from EPFL Jun 13, 2016
Ivana Chingovska received the PhD degree from EPFL on May 2nd 2016 after the public defense of her doctoral dissertation entitled: "Trustworthy Biometric Verification under Spoofing Attacks: Application to the Face Mode".
Idiap has a new opening for a PhD position in Sign Language Technology Apr 21, 2016
The Idiap Research Institute seeks qualified candidates for one PhD student position in the field of automatic sign language recognition. The research will be conducted in the framework of the SNSF funded Sinergia project SMILE (Scalable Multimodal sign language Technology for sIgn language Learning and assessmEnt). This is a consortium project that involves Idiap, Hochschule für Heilpädagogik (HfH, Zurich) and Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing at University of Surrey (UK).
Institute News
Idiap's "5 to 6": discover the activities of the Idiap Research Institute the second Wednesday of each month Jun 02, 2016
Did you already ask yourself what goes on behind the walls of the Idiap Research Institute in Martigny? Are you, for example, interested in new technologies related to the world of robotics, biometrics or speech processing? Would you like to learn more about it?
Fin des projets étoiles mais continuation de Valais*Wallis Digital Jun 01, 2016
Le projet, Valais*Wallis Digital, mis sur pieds par l'Idiap avait été sélectionné comme projet étoile du bicentenaire de l'entrée du Valais dans la Confédération. L'année 2015 s'étant écoulée, un événement officiel réunissant tous les partenaires du projet a eu lieu pour présenter les résultats et se remémorer les bons moments autour de ce projet.
The Valais*Wallis Digital platform contributes to the Web Archives of Switzerland Jan 26, 2016
The Valais*Wallis Digital web portal was selected by the Swiss National Library (NL) to be part of the Swiss Web Archives
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