Idiap Research Institute

The Institute is among the leaders in artificial and cognitive intelligence since 1991.

Voice and visual recognition, machine learning, human-machine interaction, robotics, language analysis, or bio-imaging are some of the research fields at the Institute. Based in Martigny, in the Swiss Alps, Idiap is involved in research projects at local, national and international levels. Established as a non-profit foundation, Idiap was founded by the City of Martigny, the Canton du Valais, EPFL, the University of Geneva, and Swisscom, with the support of the Dalle Molle Foundation.

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Idiap offers a various range of jobs ranging from research to informatics engineering, IT support and admin. To keep the pace with our constant growth, we are regularly hiring. Check regularly our openings.

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Idiap organizes various events open to the public, such as conferences and workshops. You will fin below our latest upcoming and past events.