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from 9:00 to 17:00

Wednesday September 10, 2008

9:00 Welcome overview of AMI and our agenda by Christine Perey, AMI Technology Transfer

9:30 Presentation by Mark van Staalduinen TNO ICT

Partnerships with TNO

The AMI Consortium projects map very well with the goals of TNO. In AMI and with its clients, TNO is an innovation partner, as well as a knowledge partner. Reflecting the multi-disciplinary nature of the organization, TNO has multiple roles within the AMI Consortium.

TNO works with AMI partners and its clients in defining abstract meeting support functions for users, who are acting within the broader context of their organization and the more focused context of a project that consists of series of meetings. We develop new and concrete meeting application concepts. We discuss those concepts broadly, then evaluate their technical feasibility. The areas of technology covered range from speech recognition, computer vision, segmentation and data mining.

Once the TNO research is conducted, we translate findings into more detailed user requirements, such that application developers in the consortium can create meaningful demonstrators. Next, with the AMI simulation systems, we perform systematic evaluation sessions. In an environment specially developed for testing these kinds of applications in their organizational context, users are observed and measured.

9:45 Presentation by Tilman Becker, Senior Research Scientist, DFKI

Doing Business with DFKI

DFKI is a multi-disciplinary institute with projects and experts organized in the following areas of research:

    • Image Understanding and Pattern Recognition

    • Knowledge Management

    • Agents and Simulated Reality

    • Augmented Vision

    • Language Technologies

    • Intelligent User Interfaces

    • Institute for Information Systems at DFKI

    • Robotics

    • Safe and Secure Cognitive Systems

The DFKI portfolio is further enhanced by the work of the associated Center for Human-Machine Interaction (ZMMI).

In this session you will learn about the different approaches DFKI can use to collaborate with business partners to fulfill research goals and produce new knowledge and technologies for end users.

10:00 Coffee break and networking

10:30 AMI demonstrations introduction and orientation

10:45-12:00 AMI demonstrations in breakout sessions

12:00 Final MLMI Keynote followed by buffet lunch

13:30- 14:15 Private Meetings and Demonstrations

Each participant will receive a custom schedule

14:15- 15:00 Private Meetings and Demonstrations

Each participant will receive a custom schedule

15:00 Coffee break and networking

15:15-16:30 Private meetings and Demonstrations

Each participant will receive a custom schedule

16:30- 17:00 Private meetings or discussion with all workshop participants

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