Social Computing

The work in the Social Computing Group integrates theories and models from ubiquitous computing, social media, machine learning, and social sciences, to sense, analyze, and interpret human and social behavior in everyday life, and to create devices and systems that support interaction and communication. Current research includes methods for urban computing from phone and mobile social network data, behavioral analysis of social video, ubiquitous sensing of face-to-face interaction, and crowdsourcing.

Group News

How the Swiss fared under partial lockdown
research — Sep 07, 2020

A joint study by Idiap Research Institute, EPFL, and the University of Lausanne’s Institute of Psychology has provided us with a unique snapshot of how Swiss residents experienced the partial lockdown measures resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. The findings include gender disparities, doubts about the future and hopes for change.

AI for medias: less fake news, more ethics
research — Jul 01, 2020

The European project AI4MEDIA will start in September and gather 30 partners. Idiap and HES-SO Valais-Wallis are part of it. Researchers and media actors want to contribute to a more ethical artificial intelligence in the field of medias.

Citizen science explores the aftermaths of the COVID-19 lockdown
research — Apr 21, 2020

A nationwide study aims to understand the emotional effects of the lockdown on Swiss residents and what steps they are taking to cope with it. Thanks to an app developed at Idiap, this study will be able to gather the opinions of people over time.

Idiap among the representatives of Swiss innovation in Spain
institute — Jun 19, 2019

The Embassy of Switzerland in Spain is organizing each year a Swiss Innovation Night. This year was under the title "Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Society". Our institute was among the representatives to share its research.

Group Job Openings

Idiap has a new opening for a Postdoc position in deep learning for social behavior analysis by admin — last modified Jul 10, 2020
The Social Computing Group at Idiap is seeking a creative and motivated postdoctoral researcher to work on deep learning methods for behavioral analysis from video and audio data.
Postdoc position in ubiquitous computing and computer vision by admin — last modified Jul 10, 2020
The Social Computing Group at Idiap is seeking a highly creative and motivated postdoctoral researcher in ubiquitous computing and computer vision, to work with Professor Daniel Gatica-Perez.

Current Group Members

(Senior Researcher, EPFL Adjunct Professor)
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LABHART, Florian
(Research Associate)
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MASSÉ, Benoit
(Postdoctoral Researcher)
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(Research Assistant)
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MEEGAHAPOLA, lakmal (Buddika)
(Research Assistant)
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PHAN, Trung (Thanh)
(Research Assistant)
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  • ARAN, Oya
  • AVCI, Umut
  • BIEL TRES, Joan Isaac
  • CAN, Gulcan
  • CORREA, Salvador
  • DO, Trinh-Minh-Tri
  • FARRAHI, Katayoun
  • FINNERTY, Ailbhe
  • GARG, Nikhil
  • HU, Rui
  • JAYAGOPI, Dinesh Babu
  • MURALIDHAR, Skanda
  • NEGOESCU, Radu-Andrei
  • OKADA, Shogo
  • RADUCANU, Bogdan
  • ROMAN RANGEL, Edgar Francisco
  • SANTANI, Darshan
  • ZHANG, Dong

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