Signal Processing for Communication

The Signal Processing for Communication group focuses on establishing digital algorithms tackling a wide range of challenges arising in human communication.

From the speaker perspective, challenges arise in the presence of speaking impairments. From the listener perspective, challenges arise in the presence of hearing impairments. From the acoustic environment perspective, challenges arise in the presence of undesired interferences such as noise and reverberation.

With these challenges in mind, the high-level objectives of the group are to establish novel digital signal processing and machine learning algorithms for speech, audio, and multimodal signals to automatically detect speaking and hearing impairments, to provide speaking and hearing assistance, and to improve the communication experience in the presence of undesired interferences.

Group News

Four new researchers join the effort to shape the future of AI
institute — Feb 26, 2021

Idiap is developing its research capacities by hiring four new senior researchers. Two women and two men, whose goal will be to work on topics with great potential in AI and to continue to progress in areas that have already contributed to the reputation of the institute.

Group Job Openings

Several Openings for Cross-Disciplinary Senior Researcher positions by admin — last modified Mar 01, 2021
With the growth of the institute, in addition to increased Federal funding to further support its activities, Idiap is opening several additional permanent senior research scientist positions.

Current Group Members

The group is leaded by Ina Kodrasi.

(Research Scientist)
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