SNF Sinergia grant to characterize motor speech disorders and processes

Recently created, the Signal Processing for Communication group led by Ina Kodrasi is off to a great start. Kodrasi and her partners received a four years grant for their project related to speech disorders and processes.

Partners of the project includes the University of Geneva, the Sorbonne-Nouvelle Paris 3 University, Geneva University Hospitals, and Idiap Research Institute. Their objective is to understand and model speech production mechanism and associated motor speech disorders. Thanks to the complementary expertise of partners in speech and language pathology, psycholinguistics, neurology, phonetics, and speech engineering, an interdisciplinary approach will be possible using, for example, analysis of articulatory, acoustics, and electrophysiological brain signals.

Within the project, Kodrasi's team at the Signal Processing for Communication group will research and develop automatic tools to assist clinicians in understanding and diagnosing motor speech disorders. Hirings are planned in this framework.

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