Robot Learning & Interaction

The Robot Learning & Interaction group focuses on human-centered robotics applications in which the robots can acquire new skills from only few demonstrations and interactions.

It requires the development of models that can exploit the structure and geometry of the acquired data in an efficient way, the development of optimal control techniques that can exploit the learned task variations and coordination patterns, and the development of intuitive interfaces to acquire meaningful demonstrations.

The developed approaches can be applied to a wide range of manipulation skills, with robots that are either close to us (assistive and industrial robots), parts of us (prosthetics and exoskeletons), or far away from us (teleoperation).

Group News

Intuitive robot programming to help the watch industry
tech — Mar 09, 2023

Luminous paints make it possible to tell the time on analogue timepieces even in the dark. These compounds are still applied manually, as conventional automation solutions are not suitable for this task. That’s why researchers from Idiap and Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH are developing a flexible robot system that can be programmed by showing it what to do.

Laterna Magica, the smart beamer
tech — last modified Dec 21, 2022

Along his team mates, Sylvain Calinon, head of the Robot Learning & Interaction research group, took part in Idiap Create Challenge 2022 edition. Laterna Magica, their smart beamer prototype won the first prize.

Idiap awards 2022
institute — Dec 21, 2022

Every year, the Institute nominates two students for its internal awards. In 2022, the Paper Award goes to Alexandre Bittar, and the Student Award goes to Teguh Lembono. Congratulations!

H2020 MEMMO project selected among the 12 best EU projects
research — last modified Dec 16, 2022

The H2020 MEMMO European project, coordinated by LAAS in France, in which Idiap participated as a project partner, has been selected among the 12 best EU projects of the year by the French Research Minister. The award is entitled the 12 stars of Europe 2022 (Les 12 Étoiles de l'Europe). It was selected among 70 selected candidates across all domains.

Group Job Openings

Our group is regularly posting job openings ranging from internships to researcher positions. To check the opportunities currently available or to submit a speculative applications use the link below.Our group is regularly posting job openings ranging from internships to researcher positions. To check the opportunities currently available or to submit a speculative applications use the link below.

Current Group Members

The group is led by Sylvain Calinon.

CALINON, Sylvain
(Senior Research Scientist)
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(PhD Student / Research Assistant)
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LI, Yiming
(PhD Student / Research Assistant)
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(PhD Student / Research Assistant)
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(PhD Student / Research Assistant)
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LÖW, Tobias
(PhD Student / Research Assistant)
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(PhD Student / Research Assistant)
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(PhD Student / Research Assistant)
- website

XUE, Teng
(PhD Student / Research Assistant)
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DUFAU, Maximilien
(Junior R&D / Research Assistant)
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FLATTOT, Vincent
(Research Intern)

(Research Intern)
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QIU, Jiacheng
(Research Intern)
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CHI, Xuemin
(Research Intern)
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MAETZ, Théo (Romi Azhary)
(Research Intern)

(Research Intern)


  • ABBET, Christian
  • BERIO, Daniel
  • BOURGEOIS, Dylan
  • BRAGLIA, Giovanni
  • CARMINATI, Davide
  • DONG, Yifei
  • GAO, Xiao
  • GEVERS, Louis
  • GINDROZ, Mickael
  • GIRGIN, Hakan
  • HAVOUTIS, Ioannis
  • HONOREZ, Valentin
  • JAQUIER, Noémie
  • JIANG, Xiaowen
  • KULAK, Thibaut
  • KUPCSIK, Andras (Gabor)
  • LEMBONO, Teguh (Santoso)
  • LESUR, Jean
  • LOKIETKO, Jaroslaw
  • MA, Wei
  • MARIÉTHOZ, Cédric
  • MICHEL, Tobias
  • MONNET, Stephen
  • NIEDERBERGER, Adolf (Kilian)
  • NIU, Zhenwei
  • NOBAR, Mahdi
  • PAOLILLO, Antonio
  • PIGNAT, Emmanuel
  • PILLET, Maxime
  • RACCA, Mattia
  • SHETTY, Suhan (N.)
  • SILVERIO, João (Pedro Lourenço)
  • SOUSA EWERTON, Marco (Antonio)
  • STANDAERT, Florian
  • SUOMALAINEN, Markku (Heikki)
  • TANWANI, Ajay (Kumar)
  • TAO, Dominique
  • TAVASSOLI, Mehrdad
  • THOO, Yong Joon
  • TI, Boyang
  • TROUSSARD, Martin
  • VAES, Clément
  • WÜTSCHERT, Robin

Active Research Grants

Past Research Grants