Perception and Activity Understanding

The research group on the understanding of perception and activity conducts research analyses of human activities from multimodal data. This includes investigating the fundamental tasks of scene analysis such as detection, segmentation and tracking of people, their representation, and the characterization of their condition, as well as the modeling of sequential data and their interpretation in the form of gestures, activities, behavior, or social relationships, through the design of sound algorithms which exploit and extend models and methods of computer vision, machine learning, and multimodal data-fusion. Surveillance, traffic analysis, analysis of behavior, human-robot interfaces, and multimedia content analysis are the main application domains.

Group News

Swiss algorithms to help customers in a Finnish shopping mall
research — Sep 08, 2020

Human-robot interactions are often lacking fluidity, especially outside of the lab. Today, researchers from Idiap are publishing in open access the algorithms which allowed a robot to be used in real conditions in a shopping mall in Finland in the framework of the European project Mummer.

Group Job Openings

Gesture and activity recognition by admin — last modified Jul 10, 2020
The Perception and Activity Understanding group seeks one PhD candidate for a Swiss NSF funded project aiming to study robot skills acquisition through active learning and social interaction strategies (ROSALIS).

Current Group Members

ODOBEZ, Jean-Marc
(Senior Researcher, EPFL Maître d'enseignement et de recherche)
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VILLAMIZAR, Michael (Alejandro)
(Postdoctoral Researcher)
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SOUSA EWERTON, Marco (Antonio)
(Postdoctoral Researcher)
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(Research Assistant)
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(Research Assistant)
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HE, Weipeng
(Research Assistant)
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  • BA, Silèye
  • CAN, Gulcan
  • CHEN, Cheng
  • CHEN, Yiqiang
  • DUVAL, Matthieu
  • EMONET, Rémi
  • FUNES MORA, Kenneth Alberto
  • GAY, Paul
  • HEILI, Alexandre
  • HU, Rui
  • KHALIDOV, Vasil
  • LEFÈVRE, Stéphanie
  • LOPEZ-MENDEZ, Adolfo
  • MOSTAANI, Zohreh
  • RICCI, Elisa
  • ROMAN RANGEL, Edgar Francisco
  • SHEIKHI, Samira
  • TAVENARD, Romain
  • VARADARAJAN, Jagannadan
  • WU, Di
  • YAO, Jian

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