Idiap involved in an EIT KIC proposal

TransFICS, a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC)

Exploiting the synergy developed in "région romande", two academic institutions (Idiap Research Institute and EPFL ) and three other partners (IMD, SwissMedia, and VentureKick) are involved in the KIC called TransFICS.


From a total of 20 proposals, 18 eligible proposals are now being evaluated for the EIT KIC (European Institute of Innovation and Technology). Evaluation is being conducted by external independent experts and it will be completed on November 10. Then, a final panel will perform a review and prepare a report to the Governing Board. Shortly after the final panel, the top 2 proposals from each priority area (up to 6 proposals in total) will be invited to hearings with the EIT Governing Board on December 16. Immediately after the hearings, the Governing Board will announce the designated 2 or 3 sucessful KICs.


For more information, visit or subscribe to the LinkedIn group TransFICS ( Description of  the call available here: