Idiap and EPFL renew their strategic alliance

Associated since Idiap’s creation in 1991, EPFL and the Institute have strong links. The new strategic alliance strengthens these links in the research, education and technology transfer areas.

Idiap scientists with EPFL academic titles and teaching at EPFL, a laboratory at the Lausanne site, about 50 PhD’s registered at EPFL, financed by Idiap and working at Idiap, and a shared history of 30 years are among the examples illustrating the ties between the two research institutions. Signed this Friday, June 25th, the renewal of this strategic alliance for the 2021-2024 period strengthens and deepens this collaboration. “We have a long and rich history of collaboration between Idiap and EPFL, and I am glad that we are taking this next step together,” Martin Vetterli, EPFL’s President, explains. “Idiap’s research domains are very relevant for the society in general, and the Institute plays a key role in the Swiss research landscape.”

“With Idiap’s new strategy, supported by the Swiss Confederation, we are especially going to stress the development of novel technologies having a social and economic impact thanks to a cross-cutting approach of our research domains,” Hervé Bourlard, Idiap’s Director, explains. “The collaboration with EPFL will benefit from this national momentum.” Anne-Laure Couchepin, City of Martigny President and Idiap’s Foundation Council President, also welcomes this partnership. “Idiap’s and EPFL’s excellence are putting Martigny in a position of a leading city in innovation related challenges. It’s a great added-value for the city.” The Canton of Valais is also supporting this initiative.

Collaborating along Idiap’s three strategic missions

The renewed agreement strengthens and brings more details about the collaboration around Idiap’s three missions: research, technology transfer and education. Regarding research, domains of mutual interest are updated to follow the evolution of science. Regarding technology transfer, common innovation activities will be developed, e.g. between EPFL Innovation Park and IdeArk incubators. Finally, regarding education, teaching activities for PhD’s will be better accounted for.

This strategic alliance is covering the 2021-20214 period and can be renewed at its term.

More information

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