ICC 2018, creating start-ups in Switzerland thanks to AI

How to use artificial intelligence to analyse blood samples or to detect when a child is accessing an inappropriate website? Here are some of the projects submitted for the International Create Challenge (ICC) 2018 hosted and supported by Idiap until September 18th.

What are Brazilians going to do in Martigny, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, during three weeks? Thanks to the environment provided by the Idiap Research institute, their team among six others is going to develop from scratch a project in artificial intelligence (AI) that is viable. Today, everyone is talking about AI, but to create a start-up in this field is not that easy. With 7 years of experience the International Create Challenge (ICC) is offering a real asset to reach such a goal.

The projects submitted for this 7th edition are illustrating very well how diverse are the potential fields of application for AI. They range from enabling blind people to use cash, online coaching for cricket players, enhancement of diagnosis based on blood samples, a better protection for children trying to access inappropriate websites, creation of an effective virtual assistant for hotel customers, allowing robots to learn without using a supercomputer or easing human relationship management in companies.

A great potential: AI and health

This year the domain of health is under the spotlight. The Groupe Mutuel is offering a special prize for the projects dedicated to AI in health and insurance. The aim is to enhance the health of patients or the customer experience thanks to this technology.

This focus on health will probably have a great potential for start-up creation. The ICC has already indeed helped ten projects to be transformed into successful start-ups. Among these businesses is the RecApp company which developed the voice recognition for the Swiss German dialects or the Biowatch biometric system which is based on veins pattern recognition on the wrist.