François Fleuret appointed External Research Fellow of Idiap

After spending almost 13 years with us, François Fleuret is appointed professor at UNIGE. To allow him to maintain his link with our institute and in recognition of his contributions, he is also appointed as an external member researcher of Idiap.

From his arrival in Martigny in 2007 until June 2020, François Fleuret led the Machine learning research group. He was then appointed professor at the University of Geneva. In addition to his exemplary academic career, punctuated by numerous leading publications, François has greatly contributed to the development of the reputation and the functioning of Idiap. He has supervised numerous doctorates and organized several international conferences at the institute.

To maintain this link and continue to strengthen it, Idiap's scientific college has decided to appoint François Fleuret External Research Fellow. A distinction awarded for the first time and which symbolize the attachment of our researchers to their colleague. This title will allow him to continue working closely with researchers from the Machine learning group who remained at Idiap. Beyond academic relations, the institute also hopes that these links will benefit from the entrepreneurial spirit of François Fleuret, who is the inventor of several patents in the field of machine learning and co-founder of the company Neural Concept SA.


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