Idiap at Interspeech 2020

This week Idiap's speech group will be presenting five papers at Interspeech 2020, the largest conference for automatic speech processing. Our papers address a variety of research problems: Pathological speech processing, Multilingual automatic speech recognition, Automatic Speech Recognition for Air Traffic Control management and Speaker recognition.

Accepted publications

Wednesday (28th October, 2020)

  • Supervised domain adaptation for text-independent speaker verification using limited data Seyyed Saeed Sarfjoo (Idiap Research Institute), Srikanth Madikeri (Idiap Research Institute), Petr Motlicek (Idiap Research Institute) and Sebastien Marcel (Idiap Research Institute)
  • Automatic Speech Recognition Benchmark for Air-Traffic Communications, Juan Pablo Zuluaga (Idiap Research Institute), Petr Motlicek (Idiap Research Institute, Martigny), Qingran Zhan (School of Information and Electronics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing), Karel Vesely (Brno University of Technology Speech@FIT and IT4I Center of Excellence, Brno) and Rudolf Braun (Idiap Research Institute)
  • A Comparison of Acoustic and Linguistics Methodologies for Alzheimer's Dementia Recognition Nicholas Cummins (University of Augsburg), Yilin Pan(University of Sheffield), Zhao Ren (University of Augsburg), Julian Fritsch(Idiap Research Institute), Venkata Srikanth Nallanthighal (Philips Research, Eindhoven and Radboud University, Nijmegen), Heidi Christensen (University of Sheffield), Daniel Blackburn (University of Sheffield), Björn Schuller (University of Augsburg / Imperial College London), Mathew Magimai Doss (Idiap Research Institute), Helmer Strik (Centre for Language and Speech Technology (CLST), Centre for Language Studies (CLS), Radboud University Nijmegen) and Aki Harma (Philips Research)

Thursday (29th October, 2020)

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