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Idiap project CODICES broadcasted on "Archaeology Mayan script"
research — Jun 24, 2010

Dr Daniel Gatica-Perez, (from the Idiap Research Institute, in Martigny, Switzerland): “People who are exploring ancient Maya culture – in order to try to find glyphs, they usually use catalogues and this is a classic catalogue. It’s like a telephone book. Instead of names what we have are essentially glyphs and this is a very large collection. And, essentially, if you don’t have computational means to find a glyph you don’t know or a glyph you are learning about, you probably have to parse all of these manually. And this can be time consuming.”

Glyphes Maya, le logiciel qui a du caractère
research — Jun 10, 2010

En 2010, Indiana Jones troquerait certainement son fouet contre un ordinateur ou un rayon laser. Depuis quelques années, grâce à un arsenal de nouvelles technologies, les archéologues ont avancé à grands pas. Dans les inventions récentes, il y a ce moteur de recherche capable de déchiffrer l’écriture maya.