Valais*Wallis Digital

The project “Valais*Wallis Digital” is a project initiated by the Idiap Research Institute, in partnership with Migros Valais, the Academy of Contemporary Arts (EPAC), the Multimedia Library Valais as well as the State Archives of Valais. Idiap’s ambitious project proposes to commemorate as well as celebrate the 200th anniversary of Valais’ entry into the Swiss Confederation by digitalizing the collective memory of the “old country” and its population by means of an Internet platform. A card game to be played en famille and distributed on a large scale will serve as vector and initiating element to the individual and collective (families, communes, schools, societies…) deposit of archive documents. The realization of the project will be encouraged by a financial support from the Canton. Idiap is happy to take an active part in the commemoration of Valais’ entry into the Swiss Confederation through “Valais*Wallis Digital”, a project wishing to valorize history and traditions as well as to go beyond the celebrations of the year 2015 by making a lasting impact on the future of the Canton.
Idiap Research Institute
Ecole professionnelle des arts contemporains, Societe Cooperative Migros Valais, Migros Engagement, Valais/Wallis Promotion
Etat du Valais
Apr 01, 2013
Dec 31, 2015