Semantically Self-Organized Distributed Web Search

In this project we wish to develop a new search engine distributed over available web servers, in contrast to existing search engines centralized at a single company site. Centralized search raises several issues, including ethical problems, inefficiencies (time, computing power and storage, energy) due to the need of “copying” the web, and poor scaling capabilities. We are interested in building a self-organized graph between web servers, which would organize information in a semantic way, while being hosted by the servers themselves. Our new engine would combine this semantic graph with semantic representations of each web page to achieve efficient search. We strongly believe this type of web search would bring a much better access to knowledge to humanity.
Application Area - Exploitation of rich multimedia archives, Machine Learning
Idiap Research Institute
Hasler Stiftung (Hasler Foundation)
Jan 01, 2012
Apr 30, 2016