Impact of greening on the energy balance and thermal comfort of buildings and districts

Green building envelopes are low-tech measures that have a positive influence on the energy balance of buildings. In addition to acoustic improvements and an increase in air quality (districts), energy saving potentials (building and districts) have been proven. The aim of this project is to quantify the influence of greenery on the energy efficiency of buildings and areas and to integrate it into simulation tools for the calculation of energy balances. The focus here is on the parameters surface temperatures and ambi-ent temperatures of the green building envelopes, since these parameters are strongly influenced by the specific plant surfaces, radiation and absorption behaviour, and the evaporation performance of the plants. Obstacles to implementation will be identified and accompanying measures for implementation will be defined.
HES-SO Valais
Centre de recherches energetiques et municipales, Idiap Research Institute, Etat du Valais, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, City of Zurich
OFEN - Office federal de l’Energie
Dec 01, 2020
Nov 30, 2023