Automatic Recommendation of Lectures and Snipets

The AROLES project aims at transferring scientific know-how in the domains of audio-visual processing and multimedia retrieval from the IM2 NCCR to the Klewel SME dedicated to lecture capture and web-based broadcasting. The transferred know-how and technology are intended to add functionalities for multimedia recommendation and skimming to the Klewel portal. This will increase its attractiveness for its end-users, and as a consequence will make Klewel’s business proposition more competitive for its customers, who are the creators of the multimedia content, such as conference or event organizers. More specifically, the AROLES project has three technical goals. The first goal is to develop a system for recommendation of lectures and snippets from a large multimedia archive, in Klewel’s context, using IM2 know-how in multimodal signal processing and semantic relatedness measures. Recommendations will be based on a mixture of content-similarity with the currently viewed recording and of collaborative filtering i.e. similarity of viewing patterns from Klewel users who viewed the current recording. The second goal is to extend this technology to the recommendation of short snippets, rather than entire lectures. Finally, the third goal is to use the previous achievements and additional multimodal processing to extract short multimedia summaries of the lectures, intended for users who only want to skim through a lecture. The algorithms will be developed by a post-doc at Idiap (IM2 NCCR) for 24 months full-time, while the data preparation and access, the user interface, and the evaluation will be done by a Klewel engineer supported at 75%.
Application Area - Exploitation of rich multimedia archives, Application Area - Collaborative and creative systems
Idiap Research Institute
Swiss National Science Foundation
Jun 01, 2012
Sep 30, 2014