High-Quality Wide Multi-Channel Attack (HQ-WMCA)

2904 short multi-modal video recordings of both bona-fide and presentation attacks

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The High-Quality Wide Multi-Channel Attack database (HQ-WMCA) database consists of 2904 short multi-modal video recordings of both bona-fide and presentation attacks. There are 555 bonafide presentations from 51 participants and the remaining 2349 are presentation attacks. The data is recorded from several channels including color, depth, thermal, infrared (spectra), and short-wave infrared (spectra).

Access the HQ-WMCA database

The preprocessed version of the database is available for download free of charge.

The full version of HQ-WMCA dataset (3.4T) can be ordered on encrypted hard drive for a fee
To order the full dataset, please contact our data manager.

Reference paper

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Preprocessed images for some of the channels are also provided for the data used in the reference publication. The HQ-WMCA database is produced at Idiap within the framework of "IARPA BATL" project and it is intended for research, development, and testing in biometrics and biomedical analysis.

More details about the data can be found in the following research report.

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