Computational Bioimaging

The group focuses on research in computational imaging and analysis of biomedical images.

The technique of computational imaging and biomedical image analysis lies at the heart of the group’s imaging research. Research areas of this group include developing algorithms for image deconvolution and super-resolution in optical microscopy, three-dimensional tomography reconstruction from projections, and, more generally, combining unusual sensing devices and approaches with computational methods to produce images ideally-suited for the observation and quantification of complex and live biological systems.

Group News

A new software to create holograms is now freely available
research — last modified Apr 19, 2021

During their master’s thesis at Idiap, Rémi Clerc developed a new software to process photos and generate 3D pictures with less data. The aim was to regroup several codes that can generate an image dataset, train and test transformed pictures and make those models run on a microcomputer. The result is now freely available on Github.

Microscopy: At the heart of images thanks to algorithms
research — Mar 26, 2021

Always observe what’s smaller while maintaining the highest image quality possible. This requires ever more powerful microscopes, but computational methods can also do it. This is the subject of the thesis that Olivia Mariani successfully defended.

One of our students gets the Best Student Paper Award at the 25th IEEE ICIP
research — Oct 24, 2018

Adrian Shajkofci, a PhD student in the Computational Bioimaging Group, co-advised by Michael Liebling and François Fleuret received a "Best Student Paper Award" at the 25th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), on October 9th 2018. This event is the world's largest and most comprehensive technical conference focused on image and video processing and computer vision. The 2018 theme was "Imaging beyond imagination".

Idiap of Martigny develops a new imaging system for research
research — Nov 06, 2017

The Idiap Research Institute develops a new imaging system for research. The precision instrument has been built together with the air base of Sion and could be used by companies and the Universities of Applied Science of the Canton.

Group Job Openings

Several Openings for Cross-Disciplinary Senior Researcher positions by admin — last modified Mar 01, 2021
With the growth of the institute, in addition to increased Federal funding to further support its activities, Idiap is opening several additional permanent senior research scientist positions.

Current Group Members

The group is led by Michael Liebling.

(Senior Research Scientist with Academic Title)
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MARELLI, François
(Research Assistant)
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PIRAS, Florian
(Research Intern)
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  • BARRAS, Léonard
  • CHAN, Kevin
  • CLERC, Rémi
  • JAQUES, Christian
  • KÖPRÜLÜ, Cevahir
  • MARIANI, Olivia
  • RAM, Dhananjay
  • SHAJKOFCI, Adrian

Active Research Grants

Past Research Grants