Biosignal Processing

Biosignals are signals from biomedical sensors and their analysis to support medical or related research. These signals can be processed thanks to tools such as machine learning.

The Biosignal Processing Group was created in 2018. This group focuses on biomedical-related areas such as the analysis of e-Health records, human-signal sensing for healthcare and other related applications. Current trends in the field show refreshed interest on the use of machine learning techniques, complementing basic signal and sequence processing, all of which are key domains of research at Idiap. It leverages on Idiap’s expertise on human subject handling, data acquisition, open science and data processing.

Group News

Analyzing biosignals using Artificial Intelligence
research — Aug 16, 2018

What if artificial intelligence could analyze an electro-cardiogram (ECG) or a medical image scan and highlight results that physicians should be looking at in priority? Thanks to signal and image processing, and machine learning techniques, that is the goal of the new Biosignal Processing Group at the Idiap Research Institute.

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