Major Bob release

This release brings many changes and some packages have been completely re-written.

The main important change is the introduction of the bob.pipelines package which allows developers to create task specific framework packages (like and bob.pad.base) with ease. bob.pipelines introduces tight integration of Bob pipelines with scikit-learn's estimator API and dask API for parallelization of experiments in any computing environment: from laptops to grid engines to cloud. Moreover, bob.pipelines also introduces a simple CSV format database interface that lets you integrate your database in our pipelines in a matter of minutes; no more dealing with SQL databases and non-standard .lst formats. and bob.pad packages are re-written to take advantage of bob.pipelines' features. bob.db packages are deprecated with this release and instead the database interfaces (using the new CSV format) are placed where they are used. For example face recognition database interfaces are implemented inside If you maintain a bob.db package, we encourage you to port to this new format. This release introduces many breaking changes. We encourage you to create a separate environment for this release and keep your old Bob installation intact until you are sure everything is working with the new release. You might also face some outdated documentation or missing documentation so we encourage you to ask as many questions as possible to ensure a smooth transition. Remember Bob is open-source and you are encouraged to submit patches.


What is bob?
Bob is a signal-processing and machine learning toolbox originally developed by our Biometrics Security & Privacy Group.


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