System & Infrastructure

The men of the system team look after Idiap's infrastructures and equipment

The main mission of the System and Infrastructure group is to provide an optimal and efficient work environment for the Idiap collaborators. The tasks can be split into three main activities covering.

Centralized IT services for the whole Institute:

This includes the installation and maintenance of the core IT infrastructure (network, storage, servers, workstations) as well as the installation and maintenance of the shared services (scientific computing, identity management, collaboration tools, ...)

Support for collaborators:

Helpdesk, data acquisition and distribution, web presence, central purchasing office, ...


Building, offices, laboratory equipments, ...

Current Group Members

(Head of System and Infrastructure)
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AYMON, Samuel
(System Engineer)
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TOMAS, Laurent
(Senior System Administrator)
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PLUMEL, Louis-Marie
(Senior System Administrator)
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SPANO, Vincent
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CRETTOL, Bastien
(System Administrator)
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LIMANI, Nazifa
(Cleaning and Caretaker Assistant)

SHALA, Nazmije
(Cleaning and Caretaker Assistant)

Former Group Members

  • CARRON, Tristan
  • COLLADO, Thierry
  • CRETTOL, Norbert
  • DEFAGO, Laurent
  • DUFOUR, Cédric
  • MARIÉTHOZ, Johnny
  • WANG, Haiyan