Research and Development Engineers

The essential links between research and industry

There is a long road between the researcher's mathematical formulas and the development of a prototype. Each day at Idiap, ten development engineers fill in the gap that separates the idea and its application. Since the end of 2006 they have been working together in the same office and they are now an essential cog in the working of the institute. Idiap's development team has three main missions:

Industrial projects:

Their main task is to convince the world of industry by demonstrating the value of the technology produced by research.

Academic projects:

Development of demonstrations also interests the researchers themselves, as they can give them more visibility of their job.

Internal support:

Lastly, the developers' task is to respond to in-house requests. They help out colleagues and resolve code or license problems.

Current Group Members

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Former Group Members

  • CERNAK, Milos
  • CRITTIN, Frank
  • DUBOUCHET, Frédéric
  • KHALIDOV, Vasil
  • MABILLARD, Matthieu
  • MARIÉTHOZ, Johnny
  • MARTINS, Renato
  • MASSON, Olivier
  • MOULIN, François
  • ROSARIO, Mario
  • SALAMIN, Hugues (Eric)