Several Openings for Cross-Disciplinary Senior Researcher positions

With the growth of the institute, in addition to increased Federal funding to further support its activities, Idiap is opening several additional permanent senior research scientist positions.

These openings will complement Idiap's current research teams with the primary goal to increase industry-driven, cross-disciplinary research, integrating, and building upon, its current research groups.

Priorities will thus be given to senior researchers with a particular focus on pushing the state-of-the-art along specific societal challenges and/or industrial needs. This includes, non-exhaustively:

  • Health and health care (medical data management, smart sensors & autonomous robotics, ethics & identity, global health governance);
  • Intelligent business manufacturing processes (digitization of manufacturing, machine learning & predictive systems, machine cooperation & coordination, Industry 4.0, intelligence augmentation);
  • Future of energy (secure, clean, forecast aggregator, smart cross sector services, Digital transformation, efficiency and conservation);
  • Security and safety support technologies (cyber security, authentication, regulatory compliance, emergency response, interoperability, ethics).

Other domains of interest include support technologies for Education, Collaboration, and Creativity; Smart cities (sustainable, smart, green, and integrated transport); and Climate and Environment actions (sustainable agriculture, resource efficiency and raw materials).

All applicants must have a PhD degree in engineering, physics, computer science, or applied mathematics. They should also demonstrate excellent research experience in their field, and strong publication record. Successful candidates should be able to demonstrate independence in research and provide evidence that they have developed their own body of high-quality work, funded through successful research grants.

The successful candidate is expected to initiate independent, creative research programs at the Idiap Research Institute. Given the links between Idiap and our academic partners, academic affiliations can be considered.

Applications should be submitted in electronic form exclusively through Idiap's Idiap Online Recruitment System. Interested individuals should include their full CV, together with (1) a list of publications and funding record (2) a concise (max 2 pages) statement of medium-to-long-term research vision, and (3) the names and addresses, with e-mail, of three referees. Applications missing any of the above items will automatically be rejected.

Screening and selection will start on May 1, 2021 and will continue until the positions have been filled.