The Idiap Research Institute makes available metadata and transcriptions for the mobile biometric database MOBIO

The MOBIO database consists of bi-modal (audio and video) data taken from 152 people. The database has a female-male ratio or nearly 1:2 (100 males and 52 females) and was collected from August 2008 until July 2010 in six different sites from five different countries. This led to a diverse bi-modal database with both native and non-native English speakers.

In total 12 sessions were captured for each client: 6 sessions for Phase I and 6 sessions for Phase II. The Phase I data consists of 21 questions with the question types ranging from: Short Response Questions, Short Response Free Speech, Set Speech, and Free Speech. The Phase II data consists of 11 questions with the question types ranging from:  Short Response Questions, Set Speech, and Free Speech. A more detailed description of the questions asked of the clients is provided below.

The database was recorded using two mobile devices: a mobile phone and a laptop computer. The mobile phone used to capture the database was a NOKIA N93i mobile while the laptop computer was a standard 2008 MacBook. The laptop was only used to capture part of the first session, this first session consists of data captured on both the laptop and the mobile phone.
The Idiap Research Institute just made available metadata (age and gender) and some transcriptions (text content of the set speech and of the short response questions) for the MOBIO database.
The MOBIO database and its metadata can be downloaded for free at