The Idiap Resarch Institute has been chosen to organise two contests during the ICPR 2010

ICPR 2010

1)  ImageCLEF

This challenge proposes four tasks:

  1. Visual concept detection task: automatically annotating a set of images with key words of an ontology in a multi-label classification scenario.
  2. Robot vision task: classify images taken from a robot into a predefined set of rooms/places.
  3. Information fusion task: release of the best four visual and textual runs of the ImageCLEF medical image retrieval task; participants need to combine these runs to obtain the best overall performance (training data from a comparable task of the past).
  4. Interactive retrieval task: interactive retrieval at the ICPR conference with “bring your own laptop”.

Organizers: Barbara Caputo, Idiap Research Institute (CH); Stefanie Nowak, F F raunhofer IDMT (DE); J J ana Kludas & H H enning Müller, U U niversity of Geneva (CH); Andrzej Pronobis, Royal Institute of Technology, (SE); Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer, OH SU (USA).

More information can be found  on the website  ImageCLEF

2) MOBIO Face and Speaker Verification Evaluation

This contest will focus on evaluating the performance of uni-modal face and speaker verification techniques in the context of a mobile environment, thus offering challenging recording conditions (adverse illumination, noisy background). The availability of common benchmark databases, together with evaluation protocols has been partly responsible for the significant gains made in biometric person recognition in recent years. W W e believe that such evaluations should be continued. Databases and more importantly unbiased evaluation mechanisms should be spread across the scientific community making it possible for scientists to evaluate their progress.

Pre-registeration: You are encouraged to pre-register (with no obligations to participate later) for the competition by sending an email to Sébastien Marcel.

Organizers: Sébastien Marcel & Chris McCool, Idiap Research Institute (CH); Timo Ahonen, U U niversity of O O ulu (FN); H H onza Cernocky, Brno University of Technology (CZ).

More information can be found on the website MOBIO