Ten-Year Impact Award to AMI Corpus Paper

The Ten-Year Technical Impact Award of the ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI) 2015 was given to Jean Carletta and the AMI team, for the paper that introduced the Augmented Multi-Party Interaction (AMI) Corpus, originally published in 2005.

The award is presented to a group of scientists for contributing a seminal paper published in ICMI (or previous events that evolved into ICMI) with the largest influence in an area within multimodal interaction, interfaces, and systems, and published 10 years or more in the past.

"The AMI Meeting Corpus: A Pre-announcement", Jean Carletta, Simone Ashby, Sebastien Bourban, Mike Flynn, Mael Guillemot, Thomas Hain, Jaroslav Kadlec, Vasilis Karaiskos, Wessel Kraaij, Melissa Kronenthal, Guillaume Lathoud, Mike Lincoln, Agnes Lisowska, Iain McCowan, Wilfried Post, Dennis Reidsma, Pierre Wellner, in Proc. Int. Workshop on Machine Learning for Multimodal Interaction (MLMI), Edinburgh, Jul. 2005.

See photos of the ceremony award here: ACM ICMI 2015 Awards photos

The AMI Meeting Corpus is a multi-modal data set consisting of 100 hours of meeting recordings