PyTorch becomes part of the Linux Foundation

Originating from a paper published by Idiap in 2002, PyTorch is one of the most important and successful machine learning software projects in the world. The Linux Foundation announced that the hosting of PyTorch will transition from Meta to its own infrastructures. This new environment will continue to foster the open source spirit provided by Idiap’s original publication.

Twenty years ago, Idiaps researchers Ronan Collobert, Samy Bengio, and Johnny Mariéthoz published the founding paper describing their open-source machine learning library called Torch. This technology was later developed into PyTorch by Facebook and became a world reference in artificial intelligence. Indeed, PyTorch is one of the most important foundational platforms for development, testing and deployment of machine learning and deep learning applications. Many AI applications are using it. From improving the accuracy of disease diagnosis and heart attacks, to machine learning for self-driving cars, to image quality assessment tools for astronomers, PyTorch is there.

By creating a neutral home called the PyTorch Foundation, the Linux Foundation is locking in a future of transparency, communal governance, and unprecedented diffusion scale for PyTorch. As part of the Linux Foundation, PyTorch and its community will benefit from many programs and support communities like training and certification programs, as well as open source research.

AI for society

Idiap Research Institute is glad that the initial open source spirit of Torch founding paper allowed growing such a community around PyTorch. This approach shows how impacting this philosophy can be. “Idiap’s motto, AI for society, is truly embodied in this example. I remember when Ronan Collobert, Samy Bengio, and Johnny Mariéthoz were at Idiap. The academic freedom we provide is the key to foster an environment where such long term impacting research and development can be conducted,” Hervé Bourlard, Idiap’s director, concludes.

More information

- Original publication, “Torch: a modular machine learning software library”, by Ronan Collobert, Samy Bengio, and Johnny Mariéthoz
- Linux Foundation announcement