New Book on Multimodal signal processing

Multimodal signal processing: methods and techniques to build multimodal interactive systems by Jean-Philippe Thiran (Author), Herve Bourlard (Author), Ferran Marques (Author), Academic Press Inc (23 novembre 2009), 448 pages, ISBN-10: 0123748259


Multimodal signal processing is an important new field that processes signals from a variety of modalities - speech, vision, language, text- derived from one source, which aids human-computer and human-human interaction. The overarching theme of this book is the application of signal processing and statistical machine learning techniques to problems arising in this field. It gives an overview of the field, the capabilities and limitations of current technology, and the technical challenges that must be overcome to realize multimodal interactive systems. As well as state-of-the-art methods in multimodal signal and image modeling and processing, the book gives numerous examples and applications of multimodal interactive systems, including humancomputer and human-human interaction. This is the definitive reference in multimodal signal processing, edited and contributed by the leading experts, for signal processing researchers and graduates, R&D engineers and computer engineers.

  • The first book on the multimodal signal processing, edited and contributed by the world's leading experts
  • State-of-art methods for multimodal signal and image modeling and processing
  • Numerous examples of systems with different modalities combined
  • Advanced applications in surveillance and health monitoring, including computer-based multimodal analysis of human-to-human interaction


Signal Processing, Modelling, and Related Mathematical Tools, Multimodal Signal Processing and Modelling, Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Multimodal Human-Human Interaction Modelling, Conclusion