Multimodal Signal Processing: Human Interactions in Meetings

A new book on multimodal signal processing for the analysis of human communication has been published by Cambridge University Press on June 7, 2012. The book was edited by Hervé Bourlard and Andrei Popescu-Belis, with colleagues from the University of Edinburgh, and five other Idiap researchers have contributed chapters to it.

Multimodal Signal ProcessingThe book presents, in a tutorial-like fashion, the most important achievements of the past decade in the field of audio, video and multimodal processing, with an application to meeting recordings.  The book also discusses meeting support technology in terms of requirements, tools, and evaluation methods.  The necessary analyses are introduced by moving from basic interpretations of the signals to richer semantic information, and from basic ideas to recent research results.

Multimodal Signal Processing: Human Interactions in Meetings. Edited by Steve Renals, Hervé Bourlard, Jean Carletta and Andrei Popescu-Belis. xii+274 pages, 76 b/w illustrations and 40 tables, hardback. ISBN 9781107022294. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.