Interspeech 2015 Best Student Paper Award for Raphael Ullmann, Ph.D. student at Idiap/EPFL

Raphael Ullmann, Idiap/EPFL Ph.D. student was awarded a ISCA 2015 Best Student Paper Award for the paper entitled "Objective Intelligibility Assessment of Text-to-Speech Systems Through Utterance Verification"

raphael-ullmann-award-intershpeech-2015.pngInterspeech is an annual conference organized by the International Speech Communication Association ISCA. It covers various aspects of speech and spoken language processing. The conference typically has more than 1000 attendees from all over the world, and is considered as the premier conference in speech sciences and technology.

Interspeech 2015 was held in Dresden, Germany, September 6-10, 2015 and received 1458 complete submissions. 746 papers were accepted after peer review and twelve papers were short-listed for the best student paper award. Each year, during the conference, ISCA awards 3 best student paper awards to papers that have a student as first author. The awards are based on the anonymous paper review and on the quality of the presentation during the conference.

During Interspeech 2015, one of the awards was given to Mr. Raphael Ullmann for the paper entitled “Objective Intelligibility Assessment of Text-to-Speech Systems Through Utterance Verification”, and co-authored by Ramya Rasipuram, Mathew Magimai.-Doss, and Hervé Bourlard.

The paper proposes a novel method to automatically measure the intelligibility of a speech signal. More precisely, intelligibility is assessed using a measure of word recall through automatic utterance verification. In the present work, the measured speech signals were outputs of text-to-speech synthesis systems. Intelligibility assessment is also relevant to applications such as telecommunication and assistive speech technologies. The method created at Idiap provides a cost-effective way to help improve and advance such systems.

More information about the award and the paper can be found at:

Congratulations to all the authors for this achievement.
Webpages of the authors: Raphael Ullmann | Dr. Ramya Rasipuram | Dr. Mathew Magimai-Doss | Prof. Hervé Bourlard