Idiap well represented in Top 300 most influential personalities.

Idiap well represented in Bilan's Top 300 most influential personalitie.

In its issue of 20 June 2012, the Swiss economic journal Bilan released its annual ranking for the top 300 "most influential personalities" in Switzerland. Idiap was pleased to count two of its scientists among that list (2 out of 12 for the State of Valais): its Director Prof Hervé Bourlard and the Senior Researcher Dr Sébastien Marcel.

Prof. Hervé Bourlard is recognized for its leadership in turning Idiap into one of the leading research institutes specialized in man-machine interaction, now also a nest of promising start-ups such as Koemei and Klewel.

The Senior Researcher Dr. Sébastien Marcel and his team are recognized for their established leadership in biometrics, with the development of numerous national and international initiatives, including e.g. the recent EU project BEAT (Biometrics Evaluation and Testing) with a budget of 5 million Euros.